4. Meeting Pallavi Latkar

City based Architect, Town planner and Environment Researcher, Miss Pallavi Latkar, agreed to talk to me and invited me at her office in Andheri on the afternoon of 21st March, 2011. (4: 30 pm – 5:30 pm) She is Founder Director of Grassroots, a research and consultancy firm in Mumbai and also heads the Centre … Continue reading

3. Meeting Janak Daftari

                                I remember him talking about water conservation. I vividly remember being amused at him happily smoking his pipe and talking about not wearing branded shirts. I remember him calling us water warriors. I remember laughing at that. This was … Continue reading

2.Preparing a Proposal

What do I know about Mithi river? I was unaware of the existence of Mithi river inspite of having lived in Mumbai all my life. The geography textbooks in school never mentioned it. Having only studied about rivers like the Ganga, Yamuna and Brahmaputra with its glorified history and strong cultural links attached to it, … Continue reading

1. Deciding on a topic

For our first solo project in our second semester at NID, we were given the themes of Water and K12 Education. After much consideration, the class collectively agreed upon the theme of Water. The brainstorming session with classmates brought out a wide range of topics that could be explored under the theme of water. Initially … Continue reading