11. Back from hibernation

After the first few weeks of active research, I (sort of ) went into hibernation and the Project Mithi and this blog kind of took a back seat.  Now, after some four months,  I realized that I can procrastinate no further. I need to go through the data I collected once again to come up with a design solution. Before that, I will just give a quick update on what happened in the second semester  jury and later.

This is the pdf of  what I presented to the jury panel. It was put together in very little time, so its not really good and the language is quite informal. The panel seemed satisfied with all the data I gathered, but felt that I did too much of talking. Being a graphic design student, I should use more images than words to persuade and my presentation lacked that.  Also,  the target audience need to be well defined, presently it was too vague and large in scope. Though every Mumbaikar is a stakeholder, I cannot possibly talk to them all at once in the same manner, I need to narrow down and get more clarity about their behavior.

At the beginning of the project, I wanted to do a graphic novel to create awareness about Mithi, but with passage of time, I began to realize that was the least suitable option. Here are other options that came out of some brainstorming / mind mapping which I discussed in the jury. As of now, doing a visual cover story in a magazine seems most appropriate.

When i was home for holidays, I got a mail from Janak sir about the ‘mithi nadi sansad’  meeting at the Mahim nature park which would be hosted by Shri Rajendra Singh, Jalpurush of India. The agenda for the day is to update public on progress as also to consolidate the action plans for the future on the effort to restore mithi’s ecological flow and Rajendraji speaking about the endeavors being made country-wide for saving our rivers. At that meeting,  I met Gautam Kirtane from the Observer Research Foundation Mumbai who has done extensive research on Mithi. I got a copy of his published report and documentary film.


One Response to “11. Back from hibernation”
  1. sarita says:


    I am an Final year student of Masters of Landscape Architecture

    i am doing my thesis on the Maharashtra nature park and the surrounding of it i.e. the mangrove forest in the Mithi river

    your write up looked very interesting
    would like to have a word with u
    could i get ur email id or phone no.

    looking forward to ur reply

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